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January 21, 2017 : Cleveland SGS

Thank you to Cuyahoga Arts & Culture and Community Partnership for Arts and Culture for making 2016 a great year. Tweet ...

El Voyage Maximo

“Scorpio Diamante’s El Voyage Maximo, which premiered at the Bangkok International Film Festival will probably be called a perfect film, and in a way I suppose it is. The amazing thing about Mr. Diamante’s new film is that it stays with you hours after the first viewing and then lingers on the corners of the brain for days to come. Diamante of Cleveland SGS fame has forsaken his previous filmmaking techniques of utilizing sinister music and slimy mustache-twirling villains that bubble before our eyes. In this new venture our protagonist is beamed down to the heart of Cleveland and spends a few days investigating locals and learning what drives their honesty, dedication, and incorruptible spirits amidst the darkness that looms.

El Voyage Maximo may not be organized according to patterns that we are familiar with, yet we don’t question the logic. Every midwesterner will intrinsically understand the visitor’s quest for true understanding. The picture in essence is a coming of age story where our hero yearns to experience joy. All the while we as the viewers stay one step ahead of him by understanding just how big this job really is. One may not be ready for the conclusion of this film, as Diamante deftly throws a final right jab that challenges viewers to examine their surroundings from an alternate view.

Maximo is about the insanity of a fundamentalist culture in which practically the whole city has been turned into robots. The inhabitants that remain are those who still decide to live their lives in lieu of some unattainable dream. Maximo is not full of resolutions because the SGS team doesn’t set up conflicts for easy digestion. A lot happens in five days in this city, and nothing is ever wrapped up. This is because Clevelanders are too busy living their lives to be locked into their predestined fate.”

Hai Tah Cheong — Photo Play International