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January 21, 2017 : Cleveland SGS

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Behind The Sign (Episode 5)

Some years back on a hot August day we stopped in Dickey Lanes to escape the oppressive heat scorched corner of West 25th and Meyer. As luck would have it we encountered George Dickey, owner of Dickey Lanes, as he was holding court before an audience of local residents preparing for a night of bowling. Dickey, a welcoming and generous man, is a master storyteller. For the greater part of our visit he recounted tales of 60s-70s Cleveland in vivid detail. They were sometimes tragic but always peppered with his unique sense of humor and optimistic outlook on life. It was at this point we decided to document his story.

Over the years George Dickey and his three sons: Greg, George and Jocko have carved out a niche in the local bowling scene by offering excellent customer service and a welcoming atmosphere. For those looking to avoid the handcrafted hipsterness of Cleveland’s near west side we encourage you to experience first-hand Dickey’s wooden lanes, jukebox stocked with the arena hits of the 70s, and two generations of bowling expertise. From 1946 until today Dickey Lanes has been operating at 3275 West 25th St., Cleveland, O.

Special thanks to the Dickey family and the many nameless bowlers for tolerating our presence during the filming of the fifth installment of Behind the Sign.