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January 21, 2017 : Cleveland SGS

Thank you to Cuyahoga Arts & Culture and Community Partnership for Arts and Culture for making 2016 a great year. Tweet ...


Behind The Sign (Episode 5)

Some years back on a hot August day we stopped in Dickey Lanes to escape the oppressive heat scorched corner of West 25th and Meyer. As luck would have it we encountered George Dickey, owner of Dickey Lanes.

Behind The Sign (Episode 4)

In the midst of Lorain Avenue’s hookah parlors, nail salons and ready-made furniture outlets stands the nondescript storefront of Schindler’s Fabrics and Upholstery.

Behind The Sign (Episode 3)

Bernie Naworski, owner of Play It Again Sam, has devoted the last 38 years of his life to the repair and sale of vintage audio equipment. Much has changed since 1979 when Bernie first opened his doors to the public.

Behind The Sign (Episode 2)

On the northwest corner of Storer and West 65th sits McMahan’s Wrecking, a 17-acre complex that employs 40 people, pays an above average hourly wage, and supports countless others through their auto salvage services and scrap metal recycling. McMahan’s is a neighborhood business born from stockyard culture.

Behind The Sign (Episode 1)

Behind the Sign is a documentary video series created by Cleveland SGS to highlight the unsung heroes of Cleveland’s small business community. The series focuses on people who have forged their own paths to success, contributing to the city’s identity through grit and perseverance. Their achievements aren’t measured in dollars, but in pride and longevity.

Join Us

As a part of Cleveland SGS’ 2014 Awareness Campaign, we have thoughtfully produced a promotional video to be used for two very important purposes: as a call to comfort for all concerned citizens, and a welcoming tool for friends and family who have yet to experience the polished wisdom of our beloved city.

El Voyage Maximo

Scorpio Diamante’s El Voyage Maximo, which premiered at the 2010 Bangkok International Film Festival will probably be called a perfect film, and in a way it is…

Body Language

Paul Zeitzew is a retired Stetson hat salesman who 16 years ago transformed the Body Language novelty shop into a Cleveland institution.

Halcyon Charities Boxing

Footage from a boxing event at Halcyon Masonic Temple, June 13, 2009. Film by Scorpio Diamante, introductory words by Sun Ra., music by Ran Blake.

I’m Not Your Fucking Butler

Excerpt from an interview with John Hotz, owner of Hotz Cafe in Cleveland, OH.

Old Man Steve The Barber

Excerpt from an interview with John Hotz, owner of Hotz Cafe in Cleveland, OH.

Wrestling Alliance

A Cleveland SGS Production about the beauty within, featuring the SGS Hot Steppers and music by High Rankin.