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Thank You

January 21, 2017 : Cleveland SGS

Thank you to Cuyahoga Arts & Culture and Community Partnership for Arts and Culture for making 2016 a great year. Tweet ...


Scene Magazine

Third Annual Cleveland People Issue
The Archivists: Cleveland SGS

Story by Vince Grzegorek
July 22, 2015

Scene Magazine

The Second Installment of ‘Behind the Sign’
of Cleveland Businesses

Story by Vince Grzegorek
February 17, 2015

Scene Magazine

New Documentary Video Series Showcases the Small
Businesses That Define Cleveland

Story by Eric Sandy
November 4, 2014

IdN Magazine

Cleveland SGS –
Remembering What Meant Most To Them

Story by IdN

CAN Journal

SPACES: Capturing the Essence Unique
Story by Michael Gill
August 2012

Scene Magazine

Welcome to Weirdville – Signs of the Times
Story by Joseph Clark
May 9, 2012


Cleveland SGS pays tribute to a neighborhood icon
Story by RJ Rushmore
December 22, 2011


Rust Wire Picks: Cleveland’s Most Under-Rated Artists
Story by Angie Schmitt
November 10, 2011


They heart cle: a city’s biggest fans are often the bloggers
Story by Erin O’Brien
July 14, 2011


The Photography of Cleveland SGS
Story by Angie Schmitt
March 2, 2010

Scene Magazine

Reel Cleveland: Cleveland SGS – And more local film news
Story by Jeff Niesel
February 3, 2010

Cleveland SGS – Deeply Proud Citizens
Story by Carolyn I Hastings
June 15, 2008

Cleveland Jewish News

Video mash-ups illuminate Cleveland’s hidden beauty
Story by Lila Hanft
November 22, 2007