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Steve’s Lunch

March 18, 2015 Posted in: Uncategorized

There have been many streets, buildings, and people that we as Clevelanders have seen come and go in the last decade, but the loss of Steve’s Lunch yesterday really hit home for us. The dismantling of East 4th was tough to watch as it transformed into a place built for suburbanites to spend money before watching a Cavs game. This rebuild seemed inevitable as many of the old storefronts on East 4th had already faded away. The loss of Steve’s feels different, as it was still kicking and making money even as the slow invasion of beet juices, raw milk stores, and artisanal pizza bagels seem to be surrounding it.

Any business that can last six decades in this city is a miracle, but the fact that almost any Clevelander you talk to about Steve’s felt part-ownership in it, is something more than a miracle. As the city marches toward perceived legitimacy with the RNC visit, small businesses like Steve’s just keep doing their thing… serving locals with a smile and not charging them inflated prices or trying to act like something they are not. Authenticity was the key to Steve’s and is why this fire gutted more than just Lorain Avenue. This local eatery was passed down from our families and showed us what we really are (and should be) for living here.

Steve’s Lunch meant a lot to ClevelandSGS over the years as they welcomed our organization into their doors, to take photos, shoot a short film, and even allowed us to write about possibly their greatest accomplishment, “Fish On a Hot Dog Bun“.

One Response to “Steve’s Lunch”

  1. Mama Mia says:

    I am so glad someone other than myself recognizes what 4th Street has become: ” a place for suburbanites.”
    Thats all it is. But, the same can be said for the rest of downtown Cleveland, and, its upgrades. All caters to the suburbanites. Period. I dont even go down town for leisure anymore. If I’m down there, its because I HAVE to be, not because I WANT to be. As for the loss of Steves. You said it best already. Not much more I can add. The locally owned business per se though, is becoming increasingly extinct. So, my advice? Embrace whats left while you can.

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