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The Faces Of Downtown Cleveland

August 10, 2014 Posted in: Uncategorized

The common belief is that downtown Cleveland is quickly transitioning into an area of uniform culture. Absent from the visual landscape are mistakes … present behind every man, woman and child are graphics promoting foodstuffs, nonprofit campaigns, or directives from local government.

During this period of development, SGS intentionally turned away from downtown. In our mind its imagery was no different than a photo of the West Side Market clock tower or an Edgewater sunset. The truth of the matter is that woven into the fabric of downtown life are threads of awkwardness that reveal much about the human condition.

A moment of reflective thought on the way to lunch, affirming one’s individuality in front of an audience of downtown visitors, outward expressions of workplace conformity, silent despair within a sea of noisy jubilation, feelings of disdain for others, and the complete rejection of all that surrounds you; this psychological diversity is the gold of city centers that make them desirable.

Compiling this photo set for this month’s installment was a challenge for SGS. In many respects we had to learn to see again, and by doing so, came to appreciate the change that is occurring in downtown life. We encourage others to take on the challenge: turn away from monuments and fix your gaze to that which is commonplace. The longer you study sameness, the more you will learn about the perplexities of life.

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