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Cleveland In Neon

August 10, 2014 Posted in: sights,Signage,Uncategorized

We recently began a partnership with Belt Magazine, where we will present a monthly column of photos, stories and antidotes. For our first installment, we decided to focus on neon signage. Here are a few reasons why…

1. Most of Cleveland SGS’s followers have come to recognize us as admirers and documenters of painted signage. Although this is generally true, we also have a keen and committed interest in neon signage as well, as it is a “dying” art form much like that of painted signage.

2. Cleveland is not really known for having a vast amount of interesting, or otherwise impressive custom, neon signage. We disagree. Although neon signage can’t be found on every street corner in the city of Cleveland (like you would find in cities like NYC, Chicago, etc.), we have found that Cleveland actually has quite a bit of great neon (if you look hard for it).

3. Neon just looks cool. We love the glow, the colors, and how a logo must be interpreted to fit within the limitations of the format. The judgement, interpretation, and adjustments that a neon expert needs to make are impressive and often turn commercial signage into art.

View the story on Belt Magazine’s website.

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