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Cleveland Asian Festival 2014


During the months of summer, the community festival is commonplace in cities across the country.  These festivals take on a variety of forms, but always include three essential elements: the nonprofit or government agency “outreach” table distributing promotional plastic and printed propaganda, fried foods, and a dizzying array of sponsorship logos. While the Cleveland Asian Festival contains all of the essential elements, it stands out from the rest in that it is both family friendly and uniquely “street” at the same time.

Outdoor participants can dose up on grease-n-sweet by sampling the many offerings of the Asian eateries. It is the only place in Cleveland where one can have a meal of skewered meats, Kimchi, and Halo-halo. While children are occupied with the playful violence of pseudo-sumo wrestling, adults can relax to the sounds of Asian boy bands.

Indoor vendors offer malady screenings, butterfly knives, and affordably priced golden buddhas. If the one-day-only vendors do not strike your fancy, nail-tech excellence and herbal remedies can be found in the many enterprises that line the plazas walkways.

Most importantly, the Asian Festival is located on 30th & Payne … quintessential Cleveland, a nexus of Chinese, Black, and Little King communities that together make a merry mix of cultural confusion.

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